We have been among the leading companies by making a name for itself with new trend products in the wholesale clothing sector, from the first day we opened our factory, which was established in Istanbul in 1993, to this day. Our company has always made a name for itself by producing products that perfectly match the customers’ searches and quality expectations. In a short time, with the experience it gained, it opened its first factory in Romania with the aim of becoming a global fashion brand by expanding abroad and gained experience by entering the British market. Thanks to its production quality, it has taken its deserved place in world markets and has gained customer satisfaction with its unique products.

Our brand has been able to create a strong brand perception among young people and adults who follow fashion closely. With our designs, we reflect the spirit of each season to our customers. After each order received, the products to be produced meet customer satisfaction, starting from model design, going through many stages such as mold design, cutting, sewing, ironing, quality control and shipment. We always follow the new trend products in the ready-made clothing sector and produce the products demanded by the customers. The products designed by our experts with the Global Fashion training they have taken have taken us one step further than our competitors.

Our Modalists and Stylists, in line with current fashion, are preparing our patterns in accordance with the literature of many countries. Since we create our products in line with customer demands, your opinions and suggestions are always important to us. All of our products, which we design with our modern machines in our factory, work effectively in terms of new trend collections targeted by our brand and how to produce products for which consumer group.

In line with our vision, we offer fast and on-site solutions to our customers by using new generation production technologies.

Zeytinburnu/İSTANBUL Store

Telsiz Mah. Balıklıyolu Sok. No:14A Zeytinburnu/İstanbul/TURKEY


Merkez, Süleyman Nazif Sk. No:17, 34164 Güngören/İstanbul/TURKEY


Str. Drumul Gării nr. 12, Dragonul Roșu Oriental: stand 1, Dobroești, Ilfov. Bucharest/ROMANIA