Shipping to Spain

Cargo From All Over Turkey To Every City In Spain

We carefully prepare your orders from Istanbul, the most exported city of Turkey, to Madrid, or to Valencia, the second largest city of Spain, or to Barcelona and Seville, and we ensure fast delivery through our Solution Partner TNT Cargo.

We deliver your cargo from Turkey to any address in the Spain and successfully fulfill this commitment.

Spain Cargo Calculation Method

While calculating your cargo, its weight in kilograms or the volume it occupies (desi) is taken into account and the calculation is made. At the end of this process, it is determined how much your cargo will reach Spain for a fee.

Deci calculation;

It is formulated as WIDTH X LENGTH X HEIGHT/3000.

Spain Cargo Prices

Let’s calculate an estimated value based on the general features of our 1 package product.

Generally, there are 4 or 5 pieces of product in a package of our product. The package weight is 4-5 Kg on average.

The price of 1 package of products to be sent to England is calculated as 23-25 € on average. The price of 1 package of products to be sent to England is calculated as 23-25 € on average. As the number of packages increases, the shipping fee increases proportionally to be cheaper.

How Many Days Does the Cargo From Turkey to Spain?

Your delivery cost will be calculated based on the total order weight. Log in to your account, add the products you selected to your cart, and then complete the payment process.

We will send you a confirmation email after you complete your order. Your order will be processed by the personnel in our E-Commerce warehouse, and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you and your order will be delivered to the cargo company after it has been carefully prepared. When your order is shipped, we will send you another email with your tracking number and information.

Orders placed Monday-Thursday will be shipped the next day (Our couriers do not guarantee next business day delivery, so we cannot guarantee 100% next day delivery).

Orders placed on Friday and on the weekend will be shipped on Monday.

UK, Germany and Spain delivery ranges from 8-12 days from the date your order is shipped. In other European countries, this period is the same as the maximum. In European countries close to Turkey, the delivery time varies between 3-5 days.

Spain Cargo Tracking

You can view your orders by clicking the My Orders tab on your My Account page and you can check your shipment step by step with the Cargo tracking of your order. In this way, you can personally experience the quality of the service you receive.

When we deliver your cargo to TNT Cargo, you can track your parcel, which has started its journey to Spain, step by step, with the cargo tracking number given to you.

Fashion Attention To The Legislation In Cargo

There are rules and legislative provisions that must be taken into account when sending cargo to the UK.

When shipping from the Spain to Turkey, the Spain’s customs and tax regulations and tariffs must be strictly followed.