Oversized T-shirt

The T-shirt is always a complementary piece of Clothing, whether it is an oversized or a regular size. In wholesale clothing, by adding different details on it, which is at the forefront of production, a top-wearing style can be added. Slits, piece details, bead print details to be used in large size t-shirts can appeal to all different tastes. Since we are a manufacturer, many clothing styles can be added to the wholesale plus size category. We add them as time goes on. We produce quality products that will not cause any spillage or fading in any print, especially when washed, and you can feel their cottony texture when worn at home, on the street and in sports. As Adrom wholesale clothing, we go above the clothing standards sought in the world and try to cater to your wishes. We aim with our stylists and designers. We plan the production in line with the demands of our customers who are considering buying large sizes. Shabby models that cover their hips are the first choice of plus size ladies this season. Our first goal is to use materials that do not sweat and that do not stick to the body, which we especially attach importance to in the T-shirt category. We show how they can be captured together in our collections. As in the previous season, we made our customers feel better by adding slits on the sides of the T-shirt models to the products, without any restriction of movement. In the colors of this season, we used chirpy colors and prints suitable for summer colors. The demands of large sizes. We preferred models with lower sleeves and wider sleeves for t-shirts.

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